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Father of the Pride (NBC 2004, John Goodman, Cherly Hines)



Set in Las Vegas, Father of the Pride centers around the family life of Larry, (voiced by John Goodman), a down-to-earth, hard-working lion who somehow fell into show business. After falling in love and marrying the beautiful lioness, Kate (voiced by Cheryl Hines), Larry must endure daily taunting from his father-in-law, the legendary headliner Sarmoti (voiced by Carl Reiner), who was first discovered in Africa by Siegfried and Roy.

The now aging star, Sarmoti, is constantly at odds with his son-in-law over such issues as Larry’s disregard for the old Rat Pack-era values or how he parents his two cubs; rebellious 15-year-old daughter Sierra (voiced by Danielle Andrea Harris) and awkward 9-year-old son Hunter (voiced by Daryl Sabara). Joining Larry and his family in this man-made jungle of lions, tigers and showbiz is his scheming best friend, Snack the gopher (voiced by Orlando Jones).

Rounding out the cast are the snooty white tigers Blake and Victoria (voiced by John O’Hurley and Wendie Malick). CGI versions of Siegfried and Roy (voiced by Julian Holloway and Dave Herman) also featured in the series.

production details
USA | NBC – Dreamworks Animation | 13×22 minutes | Broadcast 31 August – 28 December 2004

Creator: Jeffrey Katzenberg,

John Goodman as Larry (voice)
Cheryl Hines as Kate (voice)
Danielle Harris as Sierra (voice)
Carl Reiner as Sarmoti (voice)
Orlando Jones as Snack (voice)
David Herman as Roy (voice)
Julian Holloway as Siegfried (voice)
Don Stark as Vincent (voice)
Brian George as Chutney (voice)