Free Frenchman, The (ITV 1989, Derek De Lint, Barry Foster)

Wartime drama serial The Free Frenchman was set during World War II when Frenchman Bertrand de Rouay gets involved with the résistance.

Derek de Lint as Bertrand de Roujay
Katia Caballero as Lucia
Guy Schmitt as Stefano Jacopozzi
Corinne Dacla as Madeleine Bonnet
Laurent Malet as Michel le Fresne
Agnès Soral as Nellie Planchet
Jean-Pierre Aumont as Edmond de Roujay
Françoise Christophe as Alice de Roujay
Marc de Jonge as Inspector Guillot
Patrick Fierry as Jaco Jacopozzi
Rudy Laurent as Angelo Barrelli
Barry Foster as Major Trent
Philippe Landoulsi as Pierre Moreau
Marc Michel as Charrier
Hartmut Becker as Captain Lutze
Stephen Davies as Harry Jackson
Isabelle Gélinas as Isabel Moreau
François Montagut as Raymond de Blaisevalle
Pierre Olaf as Georges Auget
Jean-Yves Berteloot as Louis de Roujay
Philippe Nicaud as Paul Bonnet
Joanna Pavlis as Berenice
Aldo Sambrell as Astran
Tazara Spafford as Albertine

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crew details
Writer: Ted Whitehead
Music: Richard Hartley
Costume: Barbara Kidd
Producer: Chris Burt
Director: Jim Goddard

production details
Country: UK, France
Network and Production Companies: ITV – Central – Filma Ariane
Duration: 6×50 minute episodes
Aired From: 8 November – 13 December 1989

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