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Get Back (BBC-1 1992-1993, Ray Winstone, Larry Lamb)



Sitcom Get Back saw Martin and Loretta Sweet having to move in with Martin’s wealthy brother Albert after falling on hard times.

Martin had been something of a Thatcherite success story, with his own profitable tailoring business but ends up losing it all when the bank calls in it’s loans.

Moving in with Albert takes a lot of getting used to for Martin’s wife Loretta and his two daughters, down-to-earth Joanne and snobbish Eleanor (an early role for Kate Winslet).

The name of the series and all titles for individual episodes are named after Beatles’ songs. Even the character names are all featured in Beatles songs.

Get Back

production details
UK / BBC One – Alamo / 15×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 26 October 1992 – 15 November 1993

Writers: Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran / Producers: Bernard McKenna, Rosie Bunting / Director: Terry Kinane

Ray Winstone as Martin Sweet
Carol Harrison as Loretta Sweet
Larry Lamb as Albert Sweet
Jane Booker as Prudence Sweet
John Bardon as Bernie Sweet
Kate Winslet as Eleanor Sweet
Michelle Cattini as Joanna Sweet
Zoot Money as Bungalow Bill
Shirley Stelfox as Lucy