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Grimleys, The (ITV 1997-2001, Amanda Holden, Brian Conley)



The Grimleys was a consistently funny comedy about unrequited love set in Dudley near Birmingham during the troubled 1970s. Naive schoolboy Gordon Grimley (James Bradshaw) falls in love with Miss Gerladine Titley (Amanda Holden) when she starts work at his comprehensive. Trouble is, she has a boyfriend in the shape of PE teacher Doug Digby (Brian Conley). He is an oafish sadist who loves making the boys scale ropes, do press-ups and generally flog themselves to death. The times are perfectly realised with great wardrobes and sets, and Holden’s Brummie accent is perfect.

Memorable moment:
Gordon first catches sight of Geraldine when she takes a room in the Grimley household before finding a place of her own. Watch out for Slade frontman Noddy Holder as Neville Holder, the soft-centred music teacher, and also for Doug Digby’s bizarre demise.

Samantha Janus was cast as Geraldine in the pilot and Jack Dee was Doug.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 21×25 minute episodes 2×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 July 1997 (Pilot) and 8 March 1999 – 1 April 2001


Creator: Jed Mercurio (he also wrote 21 of the 23 episodes with one apiece written by John Stevenson, Fiona McCormick) / Music: Tot Taylor / Producers: Spencer Campbell, Jed Mercurio / Executive Producer: Andy Harries

James Bradshaw as Gordon Grimley
Nigel Planer as Baz Grimley
Ryan Cartwright as Darren Grimley
Jan Ravens as Janet Grimley
Corrieann Fletcher as Lisa Grimley
Barbara Keogh as Nan Grimley
Samantha Janus as Geraldine Titley (pilot)
Amanda Holden as Geraldine Titley (series)
Jack Dee as Doug Digby (pilot)
Brian Conley as Doug Digby (series 1 & 2)
Craig Kelly as Dave Trebilcock (series 3)
Noddy Holder as Noddy (Neville) Holder
Paul Angelis as Big Reg Titley (pilot, series 1 & 2)
Woody Clements as Shane Titley (pilot)
Simon Lowe as Shane Titley (series)
Ruby Snape as Miss Thing (series 2)
Richard Rowbotham as Wayne (series 3)

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