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The Changes Episode One (BBC-1 6 Jan 1975, with Sonia Graham)



The Changes BBC 1975

In the opening episode of The Changes it’s a typical slice of suburbia for teenage Nicky Gore and her parents but for some time the weather has been carrying an air of oppression with it – whilst watching the evening news Nicky’s father snaps and smashes in the TV.

Before you know it the whole country has embarked on a electronic smashing frenzy and Nicky’s parents are hatching a plan to get to France where things are apparently still ok. Her mother is expecting another child both Nicky’s mother and father are keen to get to safety.

With everything in complete chaos Nicky becomes separated from her parents. With possible baby complications on the horizon the parents make the decision to get Mother and baby to France and safety and then her father will return to look for Nicky. They are convinced that Nicky will have returned home and be safe.

Nicky has indeed returned home but very quickly needs supplies.

It’s a brilliant opening 25 minutes as Nicky and her family are powerless to stop the need to smash anything electronic – all intercut with other people doing the same and scenes of burning buildings and vehicles and the like. As well as telling scenes of seismic activity.

By the end of the episode Nicky is pretty much by herself in a deserted and ruined London.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 6 January 1975

Writer: Anna Home / Production Design: Paul Munting / Director: John Prowse

Series: The Changes Episode 1 (of 10)

Vicky Williams as Nicky Gore
Sonia Graham as Mrs Gore
Bernard Horsfall as Mr Gore
Clyde Pollitt as Preacher
Bartlett Mullins as Old Man