Jeff Foxworthy Show, The (NBC 1995-1997, Jeff Foxworthy, Haley Joel Osment)

In his new life down South, working-class Jeff gives his own special spin to everyday little moments as he tries to help his wife, Karen (Cusack), and two sons, Matt (Osment) and his younger brother, Justin (Lipnicki), through life’s trials and tribulations. Adding to the chaos of their new home are the drop-in visits of the rambunctious, red-haired, Army brat, girl-next-door Nettie (Kathryn Zaremba, Sisters, Annie Warbucks) and Foxworthy’s larger-than-life father, Big Jim (Bailey), a good ol’ boy who knows how to grab all the gusto life has to offer.

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At his new job, Jeff manages the loading dock of a shipping company, where he enjoys his work and colleagues, even though their female boss, a passive-aggressive steel magnolia, constantly challenges every Southern boy’s chivalry.

The Jeff Foxworthy Show is the name of two short-lived television series starring comedian Jeff Foxworthy and based on Foxworthy’s stand-up comedy routine. The show aired from September 12, 1995, to May 5, 1997, and reran on USA Network from January 14, 2000, to August 4, 2001. Reruns are currently airing on TBS.

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production details
USA | NBC – Brillstein – Grey Communications Productions | x25 minutes | Broadcast 12 September 1995 – 5 May 1997

Executive producers: Howard Gould, Brad Grey and Bernie Brillstein
Creator: Tom Anderson

Jeff Foxworthy as Jeff Foxworthy
Haley Joel Osment
Ann Cusack
Anita Barone
Dakin Matthews
Debra Jo Rupp
Jonathan Lipnicki
Michelle Clunie

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