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Johnny Staccato (NBC 1959-1960, John Cassavetes, Eduardo Ciannelli)



Set in NYC, this series centered on jazz pianist Johnny Staccato, who supplemented his meager income as a jazz pianist by working as a Private Detective. An important background for many episodes was ‘Waldo’s,’ a small jazz club in Greenwich Village where Johnny spent much of his spare time and met most of his clients.

Originally airing on NBC in 1959, this series was shot in black and white and features amazing jazz performances by the Pete Candoli jazz combo which included Barney Kessel, Shelly Manne, Red Mitchell, Red Norvo and Johnny Williams, who perform the score by Oscar-winning composer Elmer Bernstein.

production details
USA | NBC – MCA – Universal | 27×25 minutes | Broadcast 10 September 1959 – March 1960

Creator: John Cassavetes
Theme Music: Elmer Bernstein
Producer: William Freye

John Cassavetes as Johnny Staccato
Eduardo Ciannelli as Waldo