Kinvig (ITV Sitcom, Tony Haygarth, Prunella Gee)

In ITV scifi sitcom Kinvig, electrical repairman Des Kinvig (Tony Haygarth) is taken to the planet Mercury by bikini wearing alien Miss Griffin (Prunella Gee) – but could it all be a figment of his imagination. Des had his own shop in the drab town of Bingleton and was married to Netta (Patsy Rowlands). Kinvig meets Miss Griffin for the first time whilst out walking his dog Cuddly and she is soon taking him on an intergalatic journey. Something his scifi obsessed best friend Jim Piper (Colin Jeavons) is less than impressed about – why should Des have all the luck? Also involved was Buddo (Simon Willians) a 500 year old Mercurian.

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A rare comedy from Quatermass creator Nigel Kneale, Kinvig never really made it clear to the audience whether Miss Griffin really was an alien or not. Maybe something that would have developed if the series had continued beyond it’s single season.

Cast: Tony Haygarth as Des Kinvig; Patsy Rowlands as Netta Kinvig; Colin Jeavons as Jim Piper; Prunella Gee as Miss Griffin; Betty Hardy as Mrs Snell; Stephen Bent as Loon; Alan Bodenham as Bat; Danny Schiller as Sagga; Patrick Newell as Mr Horsley; Simon Williams as Buddo; Don McKillop as Howard

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Writer: Nigel Kneale / Producer: Les Chatfield / Directors: Les Chatfield, Brian Simmons

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 7×30 minute episodes / 4 September – 16 October 1981 Fridays at 8.30pm

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