LA Law (NBC 1986-1994, Harry Hamlin, Susan Dey)

Crime drama series LA Law followed the cases of the attorneys at Los Angeles law firm McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak. The large ensemble cast were each given plenty of screen time and the show devoted as much time to the lawyer’s personal lives as it did to their professional ones.

Over the years cast members came and went with alarming regularity with several leaving to set up practice on their own (including Abby Perkins and Michael Kuzack). Intriguingly two characters from the show Civil Wars crossed over into this show, the two were Eli Levinson and Denise Ianello. The name of the law firm also changed several times ti take in the various cast changes

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production details
USA | NBC – TCF | 150×45 minutes | Broadcast 3 October 1986 – 19 May 94 / Fridays 10.00pm season 1 then Thursdays 10.00pm

Creators: Steven Bochco, Terry Louise Fisher
Music: Mike Post
Executive Producers: Steven Bochco, David E. Kelly, Rick Wallace, Gregory Hoblit

RICHARD DYSART as Leland McKenzie
ALAN RACHINS as Douglas Brackman Jr
HARRY HAMLIN as Michael Kuzak (1986-91
SUSAN DEY as Grace Van Owen (1986-92
MICHAEL TUCKER as Stuart Markowitz
CORBIN BERNSEN as Arnie Becker
JIMMY SMITS as Victor Sifuentes (1986-91)
MICHELE GREENE as Abby Perkins (1986-91)
ELLEN DRAKE as Elizabeth Brand(1986-88)
LARRY DRAKE as Benny Stulwicz (1987-94)
BLAIR UNDERWOOD as Jonathan Rollins (1987-94)
NANCY VAWTER as Dorothy Wyler (1989)
DIANA MULDAUR as Rosalind Shays (1989-91)
JENNIFER HETRICK as Corrine Hammond (1989-91)
RENEE JONES as Diane Moses (1989-90)
AMANDA DONOHOE as Cara Jean (C.J.) Lamb (1990-92)
JOHN SPENCER as Tommy Mullaney (1990-94)
CECIL HOFFMAN as Zoey Clemmons (1991-92)
TOM VERICA as Billy Castroverti (1991-92)
ALAN ROSENBERG as Eli Levinson (1993-94)
DEBI MAZAR as Denise Lanello (1993-94)

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