Last Resort, The (CBS 1979-1980, Larry Breeding, Stephanie Faracy)

Sitcom. Misadventures of four college friends working for the summer in a resort in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.

Like one of those Lemon Popsicle style sex comedies that plagued the 80’s but without the sex and comedy. The Last Resort was pulled after just three episodes although the remainder that had been filmed were Broadcast a couple of months later.

production details
USA | CBS | x 30 minutes | Broadcast 19 September 1979 – 17 March 1980

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Creator: Gary David Goldberg,

Larry Breeding as Michael Lerner
Stephanie Faracy as Gail Collins
Joan Shawlee as Agnes
John Fujioka as Kevin
Dorothy Konrad as Mrs. Trilling
Walter Olkewicz as Zach Comstock
Zane Lasky as Duane Kaminsky
Ray Underwood as Jeffrey Barron
Stephanie Blackmore as Stewardess
Elta Blake as Cybil
Robert Costanzo as Murray
Ivan Bonar as Beverly
Ken Lerner as Dentist
David Tress as Faraday

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