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Loop (ITV Scifi, Geoffrey Bayldon, Rodney Bewes)



One off scifi drama Loop saw a trio of people, Peter (Rodney Bewes), Fenella (Moira Redmond) and Matthew (Geoffrey Bayldon), investigating when signals from a TV station begin to put people into a state of suspended animation.

It turns out that the signals are coming from the far off future, making is on the verge of collapse and the signals are being sent as part of a plot to time travel back into the past.

Loop was written by Giles Cooper and broadcast under the Drama 63 banner.

Cast: Geoffrey Bayldon as Matthew Dowd; Roland Culver as Cmdr Vincent; Moira Redmond as Fenella Lee; Rodney Bewes as Peter Morton; Richard Burrell as P.C. Rogers; Ray Mort as Bert; Carol Austin as Sandra; Frank Henderson as Tom Lee; Edna Morris as Mrs Lee; David Davenport as TV Compere

Writer: Giles Cooper / Music: Max Harris / Production Design: Richard Lake / Producer: Herbert Wise

UK / ITV – ATV / 1×60 minutes / Sunday 20 October 1963 at 9.35pm