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Marion (ABC Drama, Helen Morse, Peter Aanensen)



Period drama serial Marion was set during World War II Marion Richards (Helen Morse) goes to be a schoolteacher in rural Victoria. Overcoming initial hostility she then falls in love with an Italian P.O.W.

Helen Morse would go on to greater success with another world war two romance story with hugely popular mini-series A Town Like Alice in 1982.

Cast: Helen Morse as Marion Richards; Peter Aanensen; Apul Petrie; Wayne Latimer; Tony Bonner; Martin Fields; Kathy Beck; Terry Mcdermott; Elspeth Ballantyne; Kerry Armstrong; John Clayton; Graeme Blundell

Writer: Cliff Green / Design: Laurie Johnson / Music: George Dreyfus / Producer: Oscar Whitbread / Directors: Oscar Whitbread, David Zweck, Keith Wilkes, Douglas Sharp

Australia / ABC / 4×60 minute episodes / March-April 1974