Moving Story (ITV Drama, Warren Clarke, Phil Davis)



Comedy drama series Moving Story details the ‘ups and downs’ of a removal firm, especially the main crew of ‘The African Queen’ led by the general knowledge mad Bamber (Warren Clarke).

Like series creator Jack Rosenthal’s late 1960’s sitcom The Dustbinmen this series was all about the dynamic between the crew who included Adrenalin (Phil Davis), Nick (Con O’Neill) and new boy Asif (Rhonny Jhutti). Ken (Kenneth Colley) was the bitter manager of the company. The series began with a feature length opener and lasted a couple of seasons, it had it’s roots though in Rosenthal’s 1984 Film Four comedy The Chain.

Cast: WARREN CLARKE as Bamber; PHILIP DAVIS as Adrenalin; CON O’NEIL as Nick; RHONNY JHUTTI as Asif; KENNETH COLLEY as Ken; SHEILA KELLY as Patsy; MELANIE KILBURN as Charlotte; EMMA AMOS as Kathy; ALAN IGBON as Denis

Creator: Jack Rosenthal / Theme Music: Kirsty Macoll / Executive Producer: Nick Barton / Producer: Linda Agran

UK / ITV – Carlton – ABTV / 1×90 minutes 11×60 minutes / 26 May 1994 – 12 September 1995

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