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My Brother’s Keeper (ITV Sitcom, George Layton, Jonathan Lynn)



ITV sitcom My Brother’s Keeper detailed the misadventures of non identical twins Brian (George Layton) and Pete Booth (Jonathan Lynn). As well as being non identical the pair were polar opposites. Brian was a young police constable out to make a name for himself. Pete was a militant student who was less than impressed about Brian’s career. Hilary Mason was their often exasperated mum Mrs Booth.

As well as starring in My Brother’s Keeper, George Layton and Jonathan Lynn also wrote the series. The pair had previously acted in and written for the popular Doctor series.

Guest stars included Linda Hayden, Madeline Smith, Lesley Dunlop, Fred Feast, David Roper, Duggie Brown and John Nettleton.

Cast: George Layton as Brian Booth; Jonathan Lynn as Pete Booth; Hilary Mason as Mrs Booth; Tenniel Evans as Sgt Bluett

Writers: George Layton, Jonathan Lynn / Producer: Bill Podmore

UK / ITV – Granada / 13×30 minute episodes / 7 September 1975 – 21 June 1976