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One Foot In The Grave (BBC Sitcom, Richard Wilson, Annette Crosbie)



One Foot In The Grave BBC Sitcom, Richard Wilson, Annette Crosbie

In sitcom One Foot In The Grave, when he is forced to take early retirement Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson) doesn’t take kindly to his new boring lifestyle. Victor’s catchphrase was cry of “I don’t believe it” every time something went wrong for him and his long suffering wife Margaret (Annette Crosbie) – which was often.

After a long gap the show returned in 2001 with horror of horrors Victor being killed off however in the 2001 Comic Relief extravaganza (which was sometime after the final episode), there was a 10-15 minute “One Foot In The Grave” sketch with Mrs Meldrew visiting a sick (and unconscious) friend in hospital accompanied by Victor. The script (by Renwick) was cleverly structured so it appeared to the viewer that Mrs Meldrew was responding to Victor’s comments whereas she was actually having a one-way conversation with the sick patient and Victor was just a ghost whom she couldn’t see or hear.

Cast: RICHARD WILSON as Victor Meldrew; ANNETTE CROSBIE as Margaret Meldrew; ANGUS DEAYTON as Patrick; JANINE DUVITSKI as Pippa; DOREEN MANTLE as Mrs Warboys; OWEN BRENMAN as Nick Swainey

Writer: David Renwick / Theme Music: Eric Idle / Producer: Susan Belbin except 1 produced by Esta Charkham

UK / BBC One / 29×30 minute episodes 1×90 minute episodes 1×70 minute episodes 1×40 minute episode 1×60 minute episode 1×50 minute episode / 1990-97 5 Seasons + 5 Specials