Operation Good Guys (BBC Sitcom, Ray Burdis)

Comedy series Operation Good Guys, which was written by Hugo Blick, Dominic Anciano and star Ray Burdis was a spoof documentary series focusing on an elite undercover police unit. Season two saw the team having to undergo specialist training.

Blick, who also appeared as ‘Smiler’ McCarthy is better known these for creating such strong dramas as The Shadow Line and The Honourable Woman.

Cast: David Gillespie (Det Insp Beach), Ray Burdis (Det Sgt), Hugo Blick (‘Smiler’ McCarthy), John Beckett (‘String’), Mark Burdis (Mark Kemp), Perry Benson (‘Bones’)

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Writers, Producers and Directors: Hugo Blick, Ray Burdis, Dominic Anciano / Executive Producers: Jim Beach, Geoffrey Perkins

UK / BBC Two – Fuschine / 19×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 29 December 1997 – 31 August 2000

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