Patricia Neal Story, The (1981, Glenda Jackson, Dirk Bogarde)

Veteran actors Glenda Jackson and Dirk Bogarde star in this TV Movie biopic chronicling the inspiring relationship that occurred between actress Patricia Neal and her husband, author Roald Dahl, after a pregnant Neal suffered a series of massive strokes. Unconscious for weeks, and partially paralyzed upon waking, Neal (Jackson) makes a historic recovery by way of some tireless therapy and tough love from Dahl (Bogarde).

Detailing the treacherous fight to recover and the tireless passion between two people, this docudrama resulted in Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for Jackson and a Golden Globe nod for Bogarde.

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Before Patricia Neal and Roald Dahl dealt with Neal’s stroke in the mid-’60s, Neal suffered other tragedies: Her youngest child was injured after being hit by a cab, and her daughter died of measles.

production details
USA | Worldvision Enterprises Inc. | 100 minutes | 1981

Directors: Anthony Harvey, Anthony Page
Producer: Don Silverman
Original Story: Barry Farrell
Directors of Photography: Mike Fash, Reynaldo Villalobos
Editors: Edward M. Abroms, Bernard Gribble
Composer: Laurence Rosenthal
Screenwriter: Robert Anderson
Art Director: Peter Landsdown Smith

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Glenda Jackson as Patricia Neal
Mildred Dunnock as Herself
Dirk Bogarde as Roald Dahl
Jane Merrow as Val Eaton
Ken Kercheval as Dr. Charles Canton
John Reilly as Barry Farrell
Sydney Penny as Tessa Dahl

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