Peter Gunn

Crime drama series. Cases of jazz loving Los Angeles private Detective Peter Gunn. Gunn’s office was 351 Ellis Park Road.

Gunn was something of a gentlemen but knew how to use his fists if he needed to and often hung out at ‘Mothers’ nightclub, mainly because he had a bit of a thing going with resident singer Edie Hart (later during the run of the series Edie bought the hotel from Mother and changed the name to Edie’s). The other major character was Lt Jacoby, Gunn’s contact at the police department.

Quite an important series, Gunn is usually credited with being the first US private detective directly created for television rather than coming from movies, radio or books. Also the series switched from NBC to ABC midway through it’s run – again somewhat unusual at the time. It made it’s ABC debut on 3 October 1960.

There was a big screen outing in 1967 called Gunn which also starred Craig Stevens and in 1988 Peter Strauss tried to revive the series in a failed pilot.

Broadcast 2 September 1958 – 21 September 1961 black and white.

Creator and Producer: Blake Edwards Music: Henry Mancini

production details
USA | NBC – ABC | 30 minutes | 1958
Craig Stevens as Peter Gunn
Lola Albright as Edie Hart
Herschel Bernardi as Lieutenant Jacoby
Minerva Urecal as Mother

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