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Rachel And The Roarettes (BBC-2 1985, Josie Lawrence, Gary Oldman)



Rachel and the Roarettes

Musical comedy drama Rachel and the Roarettes was an early starring role for Josie Lawrence, the production was highly surreal and Lawrence starred as motorbike riding feminist Rachel out to save a bride on her wedding day from a life of enslavement to the opposite sex. The action moves between the 18th century and the present day.

Author Jude Alderson said her inspiration came from reading about groups of Highwaywomen who were around at the same time as Dick Turpin especially the journals of one of them Moll Cutpurse.

production details
UK / BBC-2 / 1×100 minutes / Broadcast Thursday 13 June 1985 @ 10.10pm

Words and Music: Jude Alderson and Sadista Sisters / Musicians: Richard Wolfson, Andrew Saunders, David Adams, Julia Palmer, and Slaned Jones / Choreography: Stuart Hopps / Sound: Ian Rae / Lighting: Bob Chaplin / Script Editor: Caroline Oulton / Designer: Sally Engelbach / Producer: Roger Gregory / Director: Rob Walker

The Roarettes
Josie Lawrence as Rachel
Jean Hart as Moll
Femi Taylor as Black Bess
Louise Gold as Bootleg Jane

At The Black Dog
Terry Neason as Maggie
Susannah Bunyon as Melanie
Gary Oldman as Gary (the bride-to-be’s fiancé)
Alan Ford as Harold
Howard Lew Lewis as Eustace
Norman Beaton as Priest

The Law
James Grout as Judge
Linda Polan as Elizabeth
Deborah Poplett as Belinda
Barry Stanton as DC Smear
Christopher Ryan as PC Twerp