Save Me (Sky Atlantic 2018, Lennie James, Suranne Jones)

In drama series Save Me middle aged waster Nelly Rowe embarks on a mission to find the missing daughter he hasn’t seen for thirteen years after he is accused of her kidnap.

Written by series star Lennie James whose decision to go fully authentic with the script renders much of his dialogue incomprehensible.

production details
UK / Sky Atlantic / 6×50 minutes / Broadcast 28 February – 4 April 2018

Writer: Lennie James

Lennie James as Nelly Rowe
Suranne Jones as Claire McGory
Ryan McKen as DC Leo Rainsford
Stephen Graham as Melon
Jason Flemyng as Tam
Alan McKenna as DCI Ian Thorpe
Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness as Jody

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Episode 1 | Airdate: 28 February 2018
Nelly Rowe’s life is turned upside down when he is targeted as the chief suspect in his estranged daughter Jody’s disappearance. Claire – Nelly’s former partner and Jody’s mother – confronts Nelly, wh… more

Episode 2 | Airdate: 7 March 2018
Claire and Barry stage a press conference to appeal for help in the search for Jody. Elsewhere, Nelly decides to pursue his own lines of enquiry.

Episode 3 | Airdate: 14 March 2018
Residents of The Towers come out in force to stage a reconstruction of Jody’s abduction, and Claire becomes increasingly suspicious of Barry’s reward offer.

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Episode 4 | Airdate: 21 March 2018
A police recording of a distressed 999 call from Jody is traced to Streatham. Nelly finds a unique way of locating the property Jody was held in.

Episode 5 | Airdate: 28 March 2018
Nelly and Melon infiltrate a secret network which may hold the key to Jody’s return. Goz makes a shocking discovery.

Episode 6 | Airdate: 4 April 2018
Nelly stages a lock-in at The Palm Tree, where he confronts a regular about their role in Jody’s disappearance.

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