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Seeing Red (ITV Drama, Sarah Lancashire, Richard Dillane)



Period drama Seeing Red told the true story of how actress Coral Atkins (Sarah Lancashire), at the height of her popularity in the seventies (a starring role in TV show A Family At War) gave it all up to start her own children’s home.

The home was called Crossways and Atkins spent all her money on the pioneering home which opened in 1972. Coral ran the home until the late 1980’s but later she moved back to London and became a psychotherapist. Crossways remained a children’s home but on a smaller scale.

Seeing Red was based on the book Coral had written about her time at Crossways.

Cast: Sarah Lancashire as Coral Atkins; Laura Jane Keston as Jody; Lauren Hartley as Kelly; Nicholas Gecks as Doctor O’Gorman; Lizzy McInnerny as Sylvia; Richard Dillane as Steve; John Quayle as Sir Godfrey Nicholson; Gary Cady as Peter; Robert Curbishley as Chris; Joe Gunn as Harry; Stuart Richman as Tom; Ann Aris as Hillary; Tim Thomas as TV Director; Zoe Henry as Julia; Judith Barker as Matron; Malcolm Scates as Derek; Judy Holt as Mrs Hall; Gillian Cally as Mrs Heel; Jacqueline Jansen as Beryl; Olwen May as Harriet; Emily Keston as Anne; Joseph Aston as Marcus; Eileen Davies as Miss Ross; Kate Layden as Mrs Desmond; Holly Latham as Amy; Roberta Kerr as Miss Robinson; Reece Noi as Wayne; Carrie Davies as Mrs Burrows; Tim Barker as Mr Thomas; Michael Jenn as Mr Farris; Matthew Brown as Jamie; Romy Baskerville as Mrs Skynner; Geoff Holman as TV Producer; Chris Wilkinson as Mr Porter; Justin Ellery as Coral’s Dad; Meriel Schofield as Coral’s Mum; Marita Hing as Young Coral; Sophie Graham as Young Sylvia; Nicola Barnfield as Janice; Heather Carr as Jessica; Judith Davis as Tea Lady; Nicholas Fry as Estate Agent; Geoffrey Swann as Oberon; Robin Polley as Theatre Director; Sarah Beard as Prompter; Viv Warentz as Old Crone; John Draycott as Robin Goodfellow; Gillian Kerrod as Wardrobe Mistress; Liam Tobin as Bottom; Catriona Martin as Smith; Lloyd Peters as Jones; Sarah Nixon as Jamie’s Mum

Writer: Chris Monger / Producers: Neal Weisman, Jenny Edwards, Jeanna Polley, Pippa Cross / Music: Barrington Pheloung / Costume: Charlotte Walter / Design: Adrian Smith / Camera: Lukas Strebel / Director: Graham Theakston

UK / ITV – Granada – WGBH – Producers / 1×120 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 19 March 2000 at 8.00pm