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Sharing The Honours (ITV 1972, Nigel Davenport, Jane Asher)



In the Sunday Night Theatre play Sharing The Honours well to do art gallery owner Edward Starling is faced with a difficult dilemma. He is on the point of leaving his wife to move in with his mistress Martha when he learns he is to be offered a knighthood. However the scandal and divorce could end up ruining his chances.

Broadcast as part of ITV’s Sunday Night Theatre strand. The umbrella series wasn’t linked in anyway and featured individual plays from the various ITV regions.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 13 August 197 at 10.15pm

Writer: Robert Banks Stewart / Production Design: Roger Hall / Executive Producer: Peter Wildeblood / Producer: Jack Williams / Director: Bill Hays

Series: Sunday Night Theatre Edition Fifty Two

Nigel Davenport as Edward Starling
Jane Asher as Martha Washbrook
Sian Phillips as Sally Starling
Joe Ritchie as Gallery attendant
Morris Perry as Stanley Lismore
Robert Keegan as Lord Bearman
Vivienne Dixon as Secretary
Andrew Dallmeyer as John Arkoff
Rosalind Lloyd as American girl