She’s The Sheriff (NBC 1987-1989, Suzanne Somers, George Wyner)

Sitcom. Widowed mom Hildy Granger is the Sheriff of Lakes County, Nevada. Hildy has regular battles with work colleague Max Rubin who doesn’t feel Hildy should be in the job.

There was a pilot Broadcast called Cass Malloy.

production details
USA | NBC – Syndicated – Lorimar / 48×30 minutes Broadcast 1987 – 1989

Writers: Mark Rothman, Mark Miller, Juliet Packer, Herry O’Brien
Producers: Mark Rothman, David Goldsmith
Executive Producer: Alan Hamel

SUZANNE SOMERS as Sheriff Hildy Granger
GEORGE WYNER as Deputy Max Rubin
PAT CARROLL as Gussie Holt
TALIESIN JAFFE as Kenny Granger
NICKY ROSE as Alison Granger
LOU RICHARDS as Deputy Dennis Putnam
GUICK KOOCK as Deputy Hugh Mulcahy
LEONARD LIGHTFOOT as Deputy Alvin Wiggins
Priscilla Barnes as Sheriff Hildy

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