Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe (BBC 1985, Ben Kingsley, Jenny Agutter)

There’s enough acting going on in this telly-movie to fill RADA for a twelve-month, let alone the screen for 90 minutes. Kingsley outdoes himself as Marner – the weaver of Raveloe – who is a miser and a misanthrope, saving his gold for the rainy day that never comes. Until, that is, little Eppie wanders into his home in the first of three screen incarnations (Hoyle, Whiting, Kensit) and changes all his feelings about life and the human race. But in Eliot’s tale, happiness is not always a long-term option. Co-adaptor Foster, directs with stifling efficiency.

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production details
UK | BBC | 1×90 minutes | 1985

Producer: Louis Marks
Novel: George Elliot
Director: Giles Foster

Ben Kingsley as Silas Marner
Jenny Agutter as Nancy Lammeter
Freddie Jones as Squire Cass
Patsy Kensit as Eppie
Angela Pleasence as Molly
Jonathan Coy as Dunstan Cass
Patrick Ryecart as Godfrey Cass
Elizabeth Hoyle as Baby Eppie
Melinda Whiting as Little Eppie
Rosemary Martin as Dolly Winthrop
Robert Putt as Ben Winthrop
Jim Broadbent as Jem Rodney
Tony Caunter as Mr. Snell
Michael Bilton as Mr. Macey
Nick Brimble as Bob Dowlas
Bill Fellows as Aaron Winthrop
Chris Langham as Keating
Paul Copley as William Dane

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