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Snoop Sisters, The (NBC 1972-1974, Helen Hayes, Mildred Natwick)



Snoop Sisters

The Snoop Sisters was part of NBC’s popular Mystery Movie series which was looking to widen out it’s roster having hit big with Columbo, McMillan and Wife, McCloud and Banacek.

The series follows a pair of crime novelist sisters Ernesta and Gwendolyn Snoop as they get involved in the solving of mysteries. Beginning life as a pilot, The Female Instinct, which aired a whole year before the series itself. The Snoop Sisters has unfortunately been somewhat forgotten mainly because it ran for just five episodes and was seldom seen in re-runs.

The sisters were aided and abetted by their chauffeur Barney, a former policeman who tended to do all the heavy stuff for them and luckily the pair also had an in on the police force in the shape of nephew Lt Steve Ostrowski.

There were plenty of high profile guest stars popping up including the likes of Paulette Goddard, Jill Clayburgh, Sam Jaffe, Geraldine Page, Walter Pidgeon, Steve Allen, Joan Blondell, George Maharis, Katherine Helmond, Roddy McDowell and rock star Alice Cooper. The series appeared in rotation with Banacek, Tenafly and Faraday and Company with only really Banacek making a strong enough impact to enter re-run heaven.

Snoop Sisters

Unlikely guest star Alice Cooper.

production details
USA / NBC / 1×120 minute episode 4×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 19 December 1973 – 19 March 1974 (pilot broadcast 18 December 1972

Creators and Executive Producer: Leonard B. Stern / Music: Jerry Fielding / Producer: Tony Barrett (Douglas Benton produced the pilot)

Helen Hayes as Ernesta Snoop
Mildred Natwick as Gwendolyn Snoop
Bert Convy as Lt Steve Ostrowski
Lou Antonio as Barney (series)
Art Carney as Barney (pilot)


1 – Corpse and Robbers | Airdate: 1973-12-19
Ernesta receives phone calls from a man who is supposed to be dead.

2 – Fear is a Free Throw | Airdate: 1974-01-29
After a basketball player is poisoned by an antacid tablet given to him by Gwendolyn, the Snoop sister is accused of attempted murder.

3 – The Devil Made Me Do It | Airdate: 1974-03-05
During a murder investigation, the sisters uncover a satanist cult.

4 – Black Day for Bluebeard | Airdate: 1974-03-19
A Black Day for Bluebeard is a murder yarn that originated from the Snoop Sisters TV series. Vincent Price guests as a washed-up horror movie star suspected of murdering his wealthy wife.