Summer In The Vineyard (Hallmark 2017, Rachael Leigh Cook, Brendan Penny)

In Summer in the Vineyard it’s been three seasons since award-winning winemaker Frankie Baldwin (Cook) and Nate DeLuca (Penny) became partners in love and work as co-owners of picturesque Sorrento Farms in the Napa Valley town of St. Madeline. Summer finds them on the verge of bottling their first vintage, just in time for a highly-publicized food-and-wine event that could launch Sorrento into the big time.

But in their desire to do right by Sorrento and by each other, cautious Frankie and confident Nate end up working at cross-purposes – potentially undermining not only their winery but their relationship.

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A sequel to Autumn in the Vineyard.

Brendan Penny as Nate DeLuca
Rachael Leigh Cook as Frankie Baldwin
Marcus Rosner

key behind the scenes crew
Jamie Goehring as Producer
Jim Head as Executive Producer
Joel S. Rice as Executive Producer
Julie Sherman Wolfe as Writer
Marina Adair as Original Author
Martin Wood as Director
Michael Prupas as Executive Producer
Shawn Williamson as Executive Producer
Trevor McWhinney as Producer

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show type
Romantic drama, TV Movie

broadcast from
Saturday 12 August 2017

network and production companies
Hallmark – Head First Productions – Muse Entertainment


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