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Fraud Squad: The Biggest Borrower of All (ITV 15 Jul 1969, with Paul Eddington)



Fraud Squad Biggest Borrower of Them All

In The Biggest Borrower of All the chief accountant of Park Bank Mutual Building Society has tried to kill himself. Before slipping into a coma the man mentioned something about a possible fraud. Gamble’s suspicions are roused when he discovers that the managing director, Joseph Hordern, has booked a one way flight to Zurich.

Even though it’s after midnight Gamble insists on bringing in Hordern for question and going through the bank’s books. After heavy investigation Hicks and the team discover that a Housing loan scam is going on. Over a £100,000 pounds has been embezzled out of the banks coffers with a whole series of fake loans for people supposed to be buying houses.

The whole episode takes place in the Fraud Squad offices and a surpisingly high level of tension is maintained throughout. Gamble is convinced that Hordern (played by the always reliable Paul Eddington) is responsible and eventually (using a little trickery) manages to trap Hordern into giving himself away.

Fraud Squad The Biggest Borrower of Them All

Paul Eddington as the bank’s managing director Joseph Hordern.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 15 July 1969 at 9.00pm

Writer: Robert Banks Stewart / Production Design: Trevor Paterson / Director: Robert D. Cardona

Series: Fraud Squad Season 1 Episode 9

Patrick O’Connell as Gamble
Joanna Van Gyseghem as Hicks
Ralph Nossek as Proud
Geoffrey Kenion as Detective Constable Fox
Richard Hampton as Detective Sergeant Brophy
Paul Eddington as Joseph Hordern
Noel Dyson as Mrs Keever
Frank Singuineau as Cleaner