The Galactic Garden

The Galactic Garden (BBC Scifi, 1985, Andrew Sachs)

The Galactic Garden is a 1985 BBC scifi one-off with Andrew Sachs that mixed drama and documentary moments.

What is The Galatic Garden about

In this scifi drama documentary, three quarters of inch high aliens Vektor (Andrew Sachs) and Plasmid (Sarah Neville) land on Earth in search of data and soon find themselves being menaced by a variety of common garden creatures.

Who was in the cast of The Galactic Garden

ANDREW SACHS as Vektor / SARAH NEVILLE as Plasmid / MONA BRUCE as Chimaera / CHRISTIAN RODSKA as Father

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Who made The Galactic Garden

The Galactic Garden was made by the BBC and broadcast on BBC One on 2 January 1985. It ran for 60 minutes. It was written by Andrew Sachs, John Downer and produced and directed by John Downer.


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