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The Last Train (ITV Scifi, Nicola Walker, James Hazledine)



The Last Train ITV Scifi, Nicola Walker, James Hazledine

Six-part ITV scifi drama The Last Train follows the fate of a group of train crash survivors after the Earth is ravaged by a giant meteorite strike. Travelling from London to Sheffield when the meteor hits, a suspicious canister carried by scientist Harriet Ambrose (Nicola Walker) ruptures, plunging the carriage-load of passengers into a state of suspended animation.

They awake to find a startling new and devastated world – with no sign of human life. What happened and how long were they asleep? Convinced that there will be other survivors holding the answers at a top-secret installation in Scotland known as ‘Ark’, Harriet persuades the group to embark upon a perilous journey across the UK. With threats ranging from acid rain to wild animals, their mission will be anything but easy – and with no guarantee that they’ll find the answers they are so desperately looking for.

Cast: Nicola Walker as Harriet Ambrose; James Hazeldine as Austin Danforth; Amita Dhiri as Jandra Nixon; Treva Etienne as Mick Sizer; Christopher Fulford as Ian Hart; Zoe Telford as Roe Germaine; Dinita Gohil as Anita Nixon; Sacha Dhawan as Leo Nixon; Janet Dale as Jean Wilson; Caroline Carver as Hild; Steve Huison as Colin Wallis; Ralph Brown as Jonathan Geddes; Phil Smeeton as Hornrim

Writer: Matthew Graham / Music: Christopher Gunning / Design: Stephen Finerei / Costume: Lyn Avery / Special Effects: Steve Tonkow / Producer: Sita Williams / Director: Stuart Orme

UK / ITV – Granada / 6×60 minute episodes / Broadcast April 7 – 6 May 1999