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The Romanoffs (Amazon 2018, Aaron Eckhart, Diane Lane)



The Romanoffs is an ambitious event series that will be the first-ever anthology released weekly on Prime Video. Filmed around the globe and featuring an incredible, star studded cast, each episode will be a surprise gift to the audience.

We are grateful to Matthew Weiner for bringing this groundbreaking series to life for our Prime audience.” The Romanoffs is created, written, directed and executive produced by nine-time Emmy award winner Matthew Weiner (Mad Men), featuring eight separate stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family.

Set in seven countries around the globe, The Romanoffs was shot on location in three continents collaborating with local productions and creative talent across Europe, the Americas, and the Far East. Each story takes place in a new location with a new cast.

The first episode, “The Violet Hour’ stars Marthe Keller, Aaron Eckhart, Ines Melab and Louise Bourgoin and the second story, “The Royal We,” starring Corey Stoll, Kerry Bishe, Janet Montgomery and Noah Wyle.

production details
Country: USA | Amazon – Weinstein
Release Year: 2018

Creator and Executive Producer: Matthew Weiner

Aaron Eckhart
Amanda Peet
Andrew Rannells
Christina Hendricks
Corey Stoll
Diane Lane
Hera Hilmar as Ondine
Isabelle Huppert
J.J. Field
Jack Huston
Janet Montgomery
John Slattery
Marthe Keller
Mike Doyle
Paul Reiser

1 – The Violet Hour | Airdate: 2018-10-12
Set in Paris, an ancestral home holds the key to a family’s future.

2 – The Royal We | Airdate: 2018-10-12
With their marriage in a rut, a couple finds their own temptations.

3 – House of Special Purpose | Airdate: 2018-10-19
A movie star and a director go head to head in a battle over what is real.

4 – Expectation | Airdate: 2018-10-26
Over a single day in New York City a woman is confronted with every lie she ever told.

5 – Bright and High Circle | Airdate: 2018-11-02
A trusted friend under suspicion tests the loyalties of a tightly knit community.

6 – Panorama | Airdate: 2018-11-09
In Mexico City, an idealistic reporter falls in love with his mysterious subject.

7 – End of the Line | Airdate: 2018-11-16
On a trip abroad to pursue their legacy, a couple faces destruction.

8 – The One That Holds Everything | Airdate: 2018-11-23
In a story that circles the globe, a man tries to escape a family curse.