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Titanic (CBS 1996, Peter Gallagher, Billy Zane)



Robert Lieberman’s take on the tragic sinking of the Titanic may not have had the dollars poured into it that James Cameron’s Oscar-winning effort had, but this two part TV drama eschews both the love story and the supposed heroics by using an almost Altman-esque technique to tell the story.

Sonsee Ahray plays the socialite who strikes up an unlikely relationship with a chancer (Mike Doyle), while Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as the wife and mother to a husband and daughter waiting in New York who strikes up a relationship with her ex (Peter Gallagher) on the voyage.

Tim Curry and Billy Zane play the cad and villain respectively, while the supporting cast, including George C Scott as the doomed captain, and Marilu Henner, Roger Rees and Eva Marie Saint, all add weight to a worthy effort. And yes, the special effects at the end stand comparison with Cameron’s efforts.

production details
USA | CBS | 2×90 minutes | 1996

Writers: Ross LaManna, Joyce Eliason
Director: Robert Lieberman

Peter Gallagher as Wynn Park
George C. Scott as Captain Edward J. Smith
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Isabella Paradine
Eva Marie Saint as Hazel Foley
Tim Curry as Simon Doonan
Roger Rees as Joseph Bruce Ismay
Harley Jane Kozak as Bessie Allison
Marilu Henner as Margaret “Molly” Brown
Mike Doyle as Jamie Perse
Sonsee Neu as Aase Ludvigsen
Felicity Waterman as Alice Cleaver
Malcolm Stewart as 1. Offizier William M. Murdoch
Kevin McNulty as 2. Offizier Charles H. Lightoller
Kavan Smith as 5. Offizier Harold G. Lowe
Terence Kelly as Captain Arthur Henry Rostron
Scott Hylands as John Jacob Astor
Janne Mortil as Madeleine Astor
Tamsin Kelsey as Clarinda Jack
Eric Keenleyside as Black Billy Jack
Kevin Conway as Hudson J. Allison
Devon Hoholuk as Lorraine Allison
Crystal Verge as Marge Miller
Bernard Cuffling as Steward Henry S. Etches
Barry Pepper as Funker Harold G. Bride
Matt Hill as Funker Jack Phillips
Don MacKay as Mr. Dickie
Stephen Dimopoulos as Chefmaschinist Joseph Bell
Matthew Walker as Captain Stanley Lord
Chris Humphreys as 1. Offizier Dean
Gerard Plunkett as 4. Offizier Joseph G. Boxhall
Molly Parker as Lulu Foley
Hagan Beggs as Alden Foley
Brent Stait as Heizer
Aaron Pearl as Ausguck Reginald Lee
Byron Lucas as Ausguck Frederick Fleet
Ron Halder as 2. Offizier Stone
Eric Michael Roy as 3. Offizier Groves
Gavin Craig as Funkoffizier der Californian
Janie Woods-Morris as Ida Straus
Peter Haworth as Isidor Straus
Martin Evans as Quartermaster Hitchens
Katharine Isabelle as Ophelia Jack
Lachlan Murdoch as Perry Jack
Doug Abrahams as Bartender Thomas J. McCormack
Robin Driscoll as Reporter
Tina Fiorda as Italienische Frau
Cindy Girling as Witwe
Kim Kondrashoff as Matrose an der Gangway
Richard Lautsch as Matrose in Rettungsboot 7
John Tench as Heizer
Shaina Tianne Unger as Claire Paradine
Dale Wilson as Edward Paradine