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Today Is Ours (NBC 1958, Barbara Loden, Jonny McGovern)



In soap opera Today Is Ours, Laura Manning was assistant principal of Bolton Central High School and the episodes followed her struggle with being a newly divorced mum (something very daring at the time, this was the first US TV portrayal of a divorcee), managing the household and holding down a steady job.

Laura also had a new love interest on the horizon in the form of architect Glenn Turner. Plotlines generally revolved around problems at school and romantic shenanigans

production details
USA | NBC | x25 minutes | Broadcast 30 June – 26 December 1958

Barbara Loden as Ernest Graves as Glenn Turner
Jonny McGovern as Peter Hall
Patricia Benoit as Laura Manning
Patrick O’Neal as Karl Manning
Peter Lazar as Nicky Manning
Joyce Lear as Leslie Williams Manning
Chase Crosley as Ellen Wilson