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These Are My Children (NBC 1949, Alma Platts, George Kluge)



Very early, and short lived soap opera, These Are My Children told stories of the Hehehan family in post war Chicago, the family owned a boarding house, ruled over by Mrs Henehan. Other characters included son John and his wife Jean as well as one of the chief boarders Katherine.

Broadcast live from Chicago and running only four weeks this was the first networked daytime soap and was apparently cancelled because AT and T could no longer supply the cable required to transmit the show. the series wasn’t given a full run until the following year, for example ATV in the Midlands aired the show from 10 May – 14 June 1980.

production details
USA | NBC | x15 minutes | Broadcast 31 January – 25 February 1949

Creator: Irna Phillips

Alma Platts as Mrs Henehan
George Kluge as George Kluge
Joan Arlt as Joan Arlt
Jane Brooksmith as Patricia Henehan
Martha McClain as Martha McClain
Margaret Heneghan as Aunt Kitty Henehan
Eloise Kummer as Katherine Carter