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Victor Borge UK Comedy Show List



Copenhagen born comendian and pianist Victor Borge (Boerge Rosenbaum (1909– 2000)) was very popular around the world especially in the US and also appeared in several UK specials. During the early 1940s, his spontaneous comic abilities, slapstick comedy routines, and irreverent spoofs of classical music characteristics made him one of the most popular and highly paid entertainers. He had actually starred in six Danish movies pre-world war II but headed to the US at the outbreak of hostilities.

1. VICTOR BORGE PRESENTS…COMEDY IN MUSIC Four BBC specials 1956/58/59/64
2. BORGE PRESENTS BORGE Thames 24 December 1968 1×60 minute episodes
3. BORGE ENCORE Thames 18 March 1969 1×45 minute episodes
4. THE LP SHOW WITH VICTOR BORGE LWT 24 December 1972 1×60 minute episodes
5. THE COMPLETE VICTOR BORGE BBC 6×30 minute episodes 1974 31 Ocotber – 5 December
6. VICTOR BORGE IN CONCERT Thames 27June 1979 1×60 minute episodes