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Adventure Game, The (BBC-2 1980-1986, Moira Stuart)



The Adventure Game was a science fiction style game show that aired on BBC Two from 1980 until 1986.

In the series a trio of celebrities visited the planet Argond, taking part in a series of challenging games such as the dreaded vortex (a giant light floor they had to cross or face being vaporised if they failed), other sections included the Drogna game (an anagram of the word Dragon as were all the names used on the show). The series was heavily influenced by the popularity of Dungeons and Dragons.

The residents of the planet were Darong (played by Moira Stuart), Gnoard (Charmain Gradwell), Dorgan (Sarah Lam), Gandor the Butler (Chris Lever), Rongad (Dagnor) (Bill Homeward).

Celebrities taking part included Liza Goddard, James Burke, Derek Griffiths, Madeline Smith, David Yip, Nerys Hughes, Graeme Garden, Paul Darrow, Janet Ellis, Noel Edmonds and Fern Britton.

production details
UK / BBC Two / 22×45 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 May 1980 – 18 February 1986

Creators/Producers: Ian Oliver, Patrick Dowling