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After Life (ITV 2005-2006, Lesley Sharp, Andrew Lincoln)



Afterlife is a paranormal drama series that aired on the ITV Network for two seasons between 2005 and 2006. It was created by Stephen Volk and focused on Alison Munday (Lesley Sharp), a clairvoyant who sees and hears the dead and Robert Bridge (Andrew Lincoln) is a psychology lecturer who is sceptical of her abilities and is writing a book about her with her co-operation.

The episodes generally involve the solving of some murder-crime with the dead victim trying to get justice by giving Alison clues to their killer. The final episode of season two was followed by a behind the scenes special.

UK / ITV-1 -Clerkenwell / 12×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 September 2005 – 11 November 2006

Writer: Stephen Volk / Script Supervisor: Elaine Matthews / Music: Edmund Butt / Executive Producers: John Hannah, Murray Ferguson / Producer: Murray Ferguson

Lesley Sharp as Alison Munday
Andrew Lincoln as Robert Bridge
Kate Duchene as Barbara Sinyard (season 1)
Anna Wilson-Jones as Jude