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Hamlet (BBC-2 1972 with Ian McKellen and John Woodvine)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

UK / BBC Two / 1×115 minute episode / Broadcast 3 September 1972

Play: William Shakespeare / Adapted by Robert Chetwyn / Executive Producer: Eddie Kulukundis / Producer and Director: David Giles

A Prospect Theatre Company production of what is probably Shakespeare’s most famous play.

Ian McKellen as Hamlet
John Woodvine as Claudius
Faith Brook as Gertrude
Susan Fleetwood as Ophelia
James Cairncross as Polonius
Tim Pigott-Smith as Laertes
Terence Wilton as Rosencrantz
Simon Prebble as Guildenstern
David Ashton as Francisco
Julian Curry as Horatio
Duncan Preston as Reynaldo
Alan Bennion as Voltimand
Colin Kaye as Cornelius
Tim Pigott-Smith as First Player
Ian Pigot as Player Queen
Stephen O’Rourke as Lucianus
Christopher Morley as Fourth Player
Terence Dougherty as Fifth Player