Life of Riley (BBC-1 2009-2011, Caroline Quentin, Neil Dudgeon)

In Life of Riley Caroline Quentin plays Maddy, who has just remarried and is about to find out what happens when two families collide. Suddenly, she is the head of a modern-day extended family, with children, stepchildren, step-siblings and half-siblings, and a few ex-partners and in-laws thrown in for good measure.

Maddy is like Roseanne but thinner, like Seinfeld but with dirtier trainers and like Victor Meldrew – but she does believe it. In Life Of Riley, Maddy discovers that parenting has never been so complicated and she is outwitted at every turn by people a quarter of her age.

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production details
UK / BBC One – Catherine Bailey Ltd – BBC Scotland / 20×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 8 January 2009 – 1 June 2011

Creator: Georgia Pritchett

Caroline Quentin as Maddy Riley
Neil Dudgeon as Jim Riley
Lucinda Dryzek as Katy Riley
Patrick Nolan as Ted Jackson
Taylor Fawcett as Danny Riley

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