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Pallisers, The (BBC-2 1974, Philip Latham, Susan Hampshire)



The Pallisers was a mammoth 26 part BBC Two drama broadcast in 1974 and based on the novels by Anthony Trollope.

The series focused on the lives of various members of the wealthy Palliser family in Victorian times, especially Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) and Lady Glencora (Susan Hampshire).The prominent cast also included Roland Culver as the Duke of Omnium, Jeremy Irons as Frank Tregear and Penelope Keith as Mrs Hittaway. There were also roles for Derek Jacobi, Anthony Andrews, Anna Carteret and Sarah Badel.  The series was almost ruined by a BBC labour dispute that meant the series had a big gap before the final two episodes aired.

On the 12 January 1974 there was a 25 minute preview show called A Preview to the Pallisers that featured Susan Hampshire and Philip Latham.

UK / BBC Two / 26×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 19 January – 29 June and 26 October – 2 November 1974

Writer: Simon Raven / Novels: Anthony Trollope / Script Editor: Lennox Phillips / Music: Herbert Chappell, Wilfred Josephs

PHILIP LATHAM as Plantagenet Palliser
SUSAN HAMPSHIRE as Lady Glencora
ROLAND CULVER as Duke of Omnium
FABIA DRAKE as Countess Midlothian
JEREMY IRONS as Frank Tregear
PENELOPE KEITH as Mrs Hittaway
ANTHONY ANDREWS as Earl of Silverbridge
SARAH BADEL as Lizzie Eustace
ANNA MASSEY as Laura Kennedy
ANNA CARTERET as Lady Mabeol Grey
BARRY JUSTICE as Burgo Fitzgerald