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Sunday Night Play: A Call On Kuprin (BBC 1961 with Eric Portman and John Gregson)



UK / BBC / 1×80 minutes and 1×90 minutes / Broadcast 18 – 25 June 1961 black and white

Writer: Anthony Stevens / Play: Maurice Edelman MP / Producer and Director: John Jacobs

Series: The Sunday Night Play / Episode 34

Thriller serial. A group of British spies set up a plan to kidnap a Russian dissident. The serial was decidedly low key almost a precursor to the dour Len Deighton/John Le Carre movies of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Eric Portman as Kuprin
John Gregson as Smith
Marius Goring as Laye-Parker
Martita Hunt as Madame Kuprin
Natasha Parry as Vera
Mervyn Johns as Holloway
John Phillips as Trifonov
Noel Johnson as Lowther
Heather Chasen as Isabel
Michael Barrington as Rowson
James Urquhart as McPherson
Wynford Vaughan Thomas as Radio Commentator
Edward Burnham as Sir Geraint Lloyd
John Ruddock as Professor Ridley
Irene Sutcliffe as Miss Probert
Pauline Winter as Miss Lipscomb
Raymond Farrell as Journalist
Alexis Chesnakov as Leonidov
Ann Patrick as Nina
Alfred Hoffman as Hotel Clerk
John Bennett as Zagornetz
Dorothea Phillips as Madame Lebedev
Michael Ivan as Bakaleinikov
Gabriel Toyne as Lebedev
Julia Arnall as Anneliese Kern
Gregori Tcherniak as Gypsy Musician
Geoffrey Sisley as Gypsy Musician
Tutte Lemkow as Singer
Sara Luzita as Gypsy Dancer
John Rutland as Liftman
Kenneth J. Warren as Makarov
Peter Sallis as Hesketh-Payne
Maurice Hedley as British Ambassador
Patrick Troughton as Narrator