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The Atom Spies (ITV 1979 with Andrew Ray and Michael Craig)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

UK / ITV Network – Anglia / 1×105 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 9 June 1979 @ 9.15

Writer: Ian Curteis / Production Design: Alan Pickford / Music: Wilfred Josephs / Executive Producer John Woolf / Producer: John Rosenberg / Director: Alan Gibson

A rare foray into espionage drama for Anglia here telling the story of spy Klaus Fuchs who sold British and American atom bomb secrets to the Russian. The small ITV region was much better known for it’s quiz show Sale of the Century and Natural History production Survival.

Andrew Ray as Klaus Fuchs
Michael Craig as Bruno Pontecorvo
Ray Smith as Doctor Cockcroft
Peter Jeffrey as Major Phillips
John Franklyn-Robbins as Skardon
Edward Wilson as Alan Nunn May
Antony Carrick as Commander Burt
Sandra Payne as Marianne Pontecorvo
Victoria Fairbrother as Betty
Patrick Barr as MacKenzie King
Tony Sibbald as Aide
John Bryans as Fuchs’ Contact
Ernst Walder as Russian Ambassador
Olaf Pooley as Halifax
Ellis Dale as Attlee
Geoffrey Keen as Mr Justice Oliver
Michael Barrington as Gerald Gardiner K.C.
Boris Isarov as Igor Gouzenko
Zhivila Roche as Anna Gouzenko
Larry Hoodekoff as Sub-Editor
Anthony Bekenn Canadian Policeman
Robert Sansom as Lord Chief Justice Goddard
James Greene as British High Commissioner
Desmond Jordan as Senior Scientist
Charles Rea as British Policeman