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Who-Dun-It (ITV 1969, Gary Raymond, Amanda Reiss)



Who-Dun-It was a quirky anthology series of mysteries and murders set in the 1930’s (the golden age of British detective fiction) in which the viewer had to guess the identity of the villain of the piece. The idea was that the viewer at home would be presented with the clues to the identity of the killer in just the same way as the detective investigating would be.

The detective paused before the end and summarised clues to allow the TV audience to make it’s decision before announcing the villains identity.

An interesting concept and the TV Times each week (for the first half dozen stories anyway) presented a little taster with a photo story usually featuring Gary Raymond (who played gentleman detective Jeremy Moon) solving a crime. These fun in themselves stories were written by Herbert Harris, chairman of the Crime Writers Association.

Gary Raymond played Moon in five of the thirteen stories whilst Amanda Reiss played Cynthia Park in four of them and Victor Platt played Detective Inspector Trubshaw in two of them. Anthony Sagar appears in the last two episodes as Detective Inspector White.

Episodes were mostly written by Lewis Greifer, some adaptations and some original. Guest stars included the likes of Donald Burton, Glyn Owen, Hilary Tindall, David Saville, Trisha Noble, Anthony Ainley, Ray Smith, Eleanor Summerfield, Madeline Smith, Derek Fowlds and Joan Hickson.

Who-Dun-It ITV 1969 Gary Raymond

Gary Raymond played Jeremy Moon in five of the episodes.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 13×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 19 August – 11 November 1969 (Dates refer to ATV region, some regions such as Yorkshire chose to broadcast the series on Friday evenings instead of Tuesday.)

Creator: Lewis Greifer / Producer: Jack Williams

1. DEATH OF A HOSTESS (19 Aug 1969)
2. A MATTER OF HONOUR (26 Aug 1969)
3. THE EYES OF BUDDHA (2 Sep 1969)
4. THE FALL OF A GODDESS (9 Sep 1969)
6. A LITTLE CHARITY (23 Sep 1969)
7. DEATH OF A CAVALIER (30 Sep 1969)
8. CRIME AT THE PANTO (7 Oct 1969)
9. MURDER IMPOSSIBLE (14 Oct 1969)
10. DON’T SHOOT THE COOK (21 Oct 1969)
11. MURDER GOES TO SCHOOL (28 Oct 1969)
12. DEATH IN A SEANCE (4 Nov 1969)
13. A HIGH-CLASS DEATH (11 Nov 1969)