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The Brothers: Jennifer’s Baby (BBC-1 22 Jun 1975, with Jack Watson)



In Jennifer’s Baby Ted and Jennifer get to bring their new adopted baby home and even Mary, for once, seems genuinely happy for them. Meanwhile the job evaluation scheme is proving ever troublesome. One man at the airfield is being paid way in excess of his new rating, Hammonds wants him paid off but union man Jack Cornish will have none of it.

Merroney has returned from the Lebanon with a Sheik in tow and insists that Clare looks after him personally much to David’as disgust. Clare isn’t too happy about the situation either. When Ted and David get wind that the Sheik is part of a plan by Merroney to develop the land next to the airfield they realise that Merroney stands to make a fortune out of the deal. A furious Ted confronts Merroney only to be put very firmly in his place. Merroney also makes it clear to Clare that he wants her to drop David and quickly.

Something of a strange episode really, some very dodgy acting by the usually reliable character actor Cyril Shaps, blacking up to play the Sheik who is not a real Sheik although he does appear to be excessively rich. Something doesn’t quite ring true though! Another strong episode for Carole Mowlam whose Clare is finally starting to realise Merroney’s true colours. With just one episode to go before the season finale things are building up nicely for a showdown.

Incidentally Brian is still absent from the series, languishing unseen in hospital still. Apart from the first couple of episodes and a few exterior location shots Richard Eastman has missed the whole season.


production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 22 June 1975

Writer: Eric Paice / Production Design: Charles Bond / Director: Vere Lorrimer

Series: The Brothers Season 5 Episode 12

classic quote
“Even a dog has its day”
“Yours was yesterday”


guest cast
CAROLE MOWLAM as Clare Miller
KATE O’MARA as Jane Maxwell
MIKE PRATT as Don Stacey
JACK WATSON as Jack Cornish
CYRIL SHAPS as Sheil Abu
PETER BALE as Barman

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