1990: Voice From The Past (BBC-2 10 Oct 1977, with Richard Hurndall)

In Voice From The Past Kyle is suspicious when the former leader of the former opposition (there is no opposition now of course) makes a television speech extolling the virtues of the government. He has, of course, been forced into it to try and discredit the anti-British government brigade in the US. The Prime Minister is about to make a visit to the USA to broke a billion dollar loan.

Meanwhile an underground newspaper called FACTS is making waves printing allegations that the whole speech was a fake. Kyle meets a man called Avery who is involved in the production of FACTS. The meeting between Avery and Kyle is monitored by the PCD and Avery is quickly arrested.

At the meeting with Avery Kyle learns that the people behind FACTS are desperately short of paper. Kyle tells Avery he can help him with that and Avery gives him the address, which just happens to be a scrap yard, where it can be delivered. Dave Brett arranges delivery.

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An episode that advances the main storyline along, that of a clearly growing disenchantment with the PCD without actually resolving anything in the episode. There is, though, a very interesting conversation between Kyle and Delly when she explains why she is in the PCD. She is determined to provide for her two children and by becoming one of the elite she is able to do that.

Richard Hurndall plays Avery, clearly one of the key men behind the FACTS newspaper.
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production details
UK / BBC Two / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 10 October 1977

Writer: Arden Winch / Production Design: Judy Steele / Director: David Sullivan Proudfoot

Series: 1990 Season 1 Episode 5

Edward Woodward as Jim Kyle
Robert Lang as Herbert Skardon
Barbara Kellermann as Delly Lomas
Tony Doyle as Dave Brett
Paul Hardwick as Faceless
George Murcell as Greaves
Clifton Jones as Henry Tasker
Robert Sansom as Old man
Richard Hurndall as Avery
Esmond Knight as Mitchell
Honor Shepherd as Marly
David Lyell as Policeman
Simon Chandler as Brian
Michael Graham Cox as Baker
Simon Lack as Luff
Raymond Mason as Sefton
Damien Thomas as Walters
David Rolfe as Peters
Claire Davenport as Nurse
John Quarmby as Bland
Terence Ward as PCD Inspector
Joby Blanshard as Williams
Terry Bale as Len

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