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Britain in Bloom “Croston” (BBC Two Friday 3 February 2023)



Britain in Bloom

Britain in Bloom airs a new episode tonight Friday 3 February 2023 on BBC Two.

“Croston” Chris Bavin travels to Croston, a mediaeval village in Lancashire, to meet a group of Bloomers who, despite the area still feeling the impacts of a tragic flood, are desperate to win gold. They have devised a magnificent plan in the six weeks before the judgement day, but rallying a community that has gone through adversity is a tall order.

This year, they’re focusing on a few major initiatives, including a daring plan to clean up a neglected school garden, a village makeover that will involve the entire community, and a spectacular garden at a local watering hole. There is a lot riding on the Bloomers’ ability to attract tourists, as the local economy is dependent on them.

Airdate: Friday 3 February 2023 at 2.15pm on BBC Two.

Season 1 Episode 5

Featured Image Credit: BBC Two