Celebs Go Dating Episode 19 (E4 Thursday 22 December 2022)



Celebs Go Dating

Episode 19: As the series finale approaches, the class of 2022 finally arrives at their luxury resort on the Mediterranean. Anna, Paul, and Tom have their work cut out for them in their makeshift agency, which they have set up on the hotel sun loungers.

Loverboy Liam’s holiday is ruined because both of his potential suitors have shown up looking less than impressed and demanding explanations. When he starts making eyes with one of them by the pool while the other turns her back, things get even messier.

Gary Lucy is clearly having the time of his life as he takes Laura out on a champagne cruise. Finally feeling loved and settled, it’s a shame his stomach can’t say the same.

Bethan is just as eager as anyone else for a romantic holiday. If Rudy is feeling affectionate today, maybe this is the time for them to finally lock lips.

Airdate: Thursday 22 December 2022 at 10.00pm on E4.

Season 11 Episode 19

The most successful celebrity matchmaking service in the world is pleased to introduce its newest clients, a group of lonely celebrities who are looking for ways to liven up their dating lives with the help of our matchmaking experts.

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