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Dirty House Rescue: Queens of Clean: Episode 4 (S1EP4 E4 Thursday 29 September 2022)



Luke and Charnel encounter Becky in this episode, an Essex resident with 18 rescue dogs. She adores her dogs, but she and her house are both suffering as a result. Both laughter and tears are present, but will Becky ever prioritise herself? 

Adam and Lola are responding to an SOS from a student in Nottingham who just wants to be able to cook in her own student housing but has had to rely on takeaways to avoid using the kitchen while they are in Nottingham. Can the Queens aid these students in making their university residence habitable once more?

Airdate: Thursday 29 September 2022 at 22:00 on E4

Season 1 Episode 4

Following a surprising and outrageous gang of cleaning enthusiasts, who come together to rescue homes stuck in a whirlwind of domestic despair.