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Dr. Phil Today Tuesday May 16, 2023, on CBS. In 1998, Richard Glossip was found guilty of first-degree murder for the death by assault of Barry Van Treese, his employer.

The main piece of evidence leading to Justin Sneed’s conviction was his confession to murdering Van Treese, in which he blamed Glossip for hiring him to commit the crime. In 2015, Glossip’s case was discussed on Dr. Phil. Then, in 2021, Dr. Phil spoke with Glossip while she awaited execution.

The most recent information about Glossip’s case has been revealed to Dr. Phil. Gentner Drummond, the attorney general of Oklahoma, wrote to the state’s pardon and parole board on April 24, 2023, pleading with them to recommend clemency for Glossip.

After the Supreme Court halted the execution of 60-year-old Glossip on May 18, 2023, they granted him another stay of execution on May 5.

Dr. Phil, Glossip’s attorney Don Knight, Sister Prejean, Glossip’s wife Lea Glossip, and Oklahoma politician Justin Jackson all gather at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City for a press conference and rally to protest Glossip’s conviction.

After chatting with Robin McGraw, you can now watch an exclusive interview with Lea on Dr. Phil. What exactly did they talk about when they were talking to each other “wife to wife?” After this latest reprieve from the death penalty, where does Glossip go from here?

Airdate: Tuesday May 16, 2023 at 3.00pm on CBS.

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