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The Hanged Man: Chariot of Earth (ITV 1975, Gareth Hunt, Jack Watson)



In Chariot of Earth Burnett and Alan head north to Scotland convinced that the secret to why someone is out to kill Burnett lies there with former business partner Charlie Galbraith. Lew had been supporting Galbraith when he got into trouble financially but withdraw his support not long before the first death threat which lead to the death of Burnett’s wife. Meanwhile Douglas Mackinnon, Galbriath’s game keeper seems to have one or two things to hide.

A roister doistering fight at the end between Burnett and Mackinnon is the highlight of the episode and it is also the catalyst for Burnett learning just a little bit more about what is going on. Somebody had been paying Mackinnon a large some of money each month but no one knows just why.

This is the episode that features the first appearance of petty crook Turtle and his oppo Eddie who, four years later, would go on to appear in their own spin off series called Turtle’s Progress which saw the pair accidentally becoming the owners of a hoarde of stolen safe deposit boxes which their owners want back – at any cost. John F. Landry starred in the series but Gareth Hunt who played Eddie here had moved on a bit having starred in The New Avengers by that stage and the role was taken by Michael Attwell.

production details
UK | ITV Network – Yorkshire Television

RUNNING TIME: 60 Minutes | AIRDATE: 8 March 1975

WRITER: Edmund Ward | DIRECTOR: Tony Wharmby

Series: The Hanged Man / Episode Four of Eight

COLIN BLAKELY as Lewis Burnett
ALAN MacNAUGHTON as Charles Galbraith
BARBARA SHELLEY as Louisa Galbraith
JACK WATSON as Douglas MacKinnon
FREDA DOWIE as Jean MacKinnon
GARY WATSON as John Quentin
JAMES GRANT as Ian Duncan
IAIN BLAIR as Archie Black
JOHN F. LANDRY as Turtle
GARETH HUNT as Eddie Malone
BILL MITCHELL as Harry Friedman
JOHN GATRELL as Shop Assistant