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The Other One (BBC Sitcom, Richard Briers, Michael Gambon)



In sitcom The Other One somewhat shy Brian Bryant (Michael Gambon) comes under the influence of fast talking confident Ralph Tanner (Richard Briers) whilst holidaying abroad and later in season two back home in England.

One of John Esmonde and Bob Larbey’s lesser known efforts but it did feature their Good Life star Richard Briers, here playing against type.

Guest stars included Paul McDowell, Sally-Jane Spencer, Nigel Pegram, John F. Landry, Stacey Gregg, Joanna Dunham, Doug Fisher, Hilary Mason and Gretchen Franklin.

Cast: Richard Briers (Ralph Tanner), Michael Gambon (Brian Bryant), Michael Chesden (Manolo), Jill Kerman (Sue)

Writer: John Esmonde, Bob Larbey / Producers: John Howard Davies (Season 1), Roger Race (Season 2)

UK / BBC One / 13×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 11 November 1977 – 30 March 1979